Your life can be different.
Change is possible.

No one gets through life alone. Help is here.


Life is full of obstacles. Decisions need to be made. It's tough, but there are ways to get through it. You are where you are and that can't be changed. What can change is how you manage and move through it. 

I am dedicated to helping people transform their lives. Utilizing cutting-edge modalities, including Somatic Experiencing®, as well as more traditional psychotherapy methods, I'll work with you to develop tools and strategies that move you toward living the life you want for yourself.


New to Therapy?

The Therapeutic Process and the Therapeutic Relationship are complex things. Who I am and who you are greatly affect the course of treatment and the relationship we establish.

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Meet Katie

Reaching out for help can be hard. I appreciate the bravery involved in doing so. All clients are people, first and foremost, and problems are treated with respect and integrity specific to one’s unique issues and circumstance.

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How Am I Different?

Inevitably, we are primarily shaped by other people and our own life experience. Working with this broader picture of life is fundamental to a Systems Therapy approach; it's the primary orientation I use when working with clients.

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"Never ever for the sake of peace and quiet deny your own experience or convictions."    --Dag Hammarskjöld